Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. offers scholarships to Costume College!

We are the host organization for Costume College, an annual three-day costuming arts conference. Costume College is a welcoming and non-competitive environment where attendees share and disseminate information/skills. We maintain a Costume College Scholarship program to assist beginning costumers or those in financial need or those who have served CGW. Costume College scholarships may also be awarded during masquerades at local conventions and the costume contest at the Los Angeles County Fair.

Scholarship Recipients

Have you been awarded a Costume College Scholarship? Check out our Scholarship Recipients section to see happens next.

Types of Costume College Scholarships available and how to apply

We offer several types of scholarships:

  • Written Essay Scholarships - For information on the application process please see our Scholarship Application page.  Applications are now closed for 2023.  Please check back again for 2024.
    • Don't miss the BIPOC and Youth scholarships
  • Outreach: Conventions and events – For information on scholarships awarded at conventions and events held by other organizations.
  • OutreachLos Angeles County FairFor information on scholarships awarded at the Costume Competition at the L.A. County Fair.
  • Service to CGWFor information on scholarships awarded to members or volunteers.

Donating to the Costume College Scholarship Fund

The Scholarship program is funded through Raffle tickets, Early Bird Marketplace Tickets and Bargain Basement sales, along with generous donations by our members. To learn more how to donate please see the Funding & Donations page.