Service – for working volunteers

Costumer's Guild West awards scholarships to members or volunteers in recognition of outstanding service to the guild. They are usually awarded at the Costumer's Guild West Annual Meeting, usually held in October.

  • Member of the Year - the Member of the Year is chosen by the CGW Board of Directors. Currently serving Directors are not eligible for the Member of the Year award. If you are interested in nominating a CGW member for the Member of the Year award, please contact any board member with your suggestion and information on why that member is outstanding.
  • Costume College Volunteers - volunteers, other than committee members, are eligible to win a Costume College Scholarship. Some years, the scholarship is awarded to the volunteer with the most hours and sometimes there is a raffle among all volunteers, at the Dean and Board of Directors discretion.
  • Costume College Hospitality Department and Costume College Operations Department - The Committee Chairs of Hospitality and Operations nominate a Most Valuable Player from their department who is awarded a scholarship at the discretion of the Dean and Board of Directors in recognition of the tremendous number of hours they put in.