Future Costume College Scholarships

The Costume College Scholarship written essay & photos program will open again this summer. Between July 1, 2024 and October 1, 2024, you should be able to apply for a written scholarship online and submit your supporting documentation. Keep an eye on Squeals, social media, and our website for information on how to enter. Entrants will be notified before Costume College registration opens to the public in 2024 if they have won a scholarship.

Essay Scholarship

Essay scholarships are awarded by the CGW Scholarship Committee so that the individual may be rewarded for their service to the organization; OR be assisted due to hardship; OR be exposed to resources, gain experience and be encouraged in their costuming life. Scholarships may be awarded based on a combination of these criteria or on a single one (so you don’t need to have financial hardship to win a scholarship, but you could win one based on that). You do not need to be a U.S. resident to apply for a Costume College Scholarship. You must be at least 18 years old when you use an awarded scholarship.

  • July  – Costume College Scholarship Application available online.
  • October 1 – Deadline to submit scholarship application
  • February 28 – All scholarship applicants will be notified of their status by email or telephone
  • March  – Scholarship winner list will be posted to the CGW website
  • April – Scholarship winners will be published in Squeals

Currently, Essay Scholarship winners are awarded a Costumer’s Guild West one-year membership (online only), Costume College tuition, and one hotel night for use at either Costume College the following year or the year after that. (If the Costume College Scholarship is not used within two Costume Colleges following the award, the scholarship is returned to the Scholarship Fund.)

The number of Essay Scholarship Awards vary from year-to-year.

How to apply for a scholarship

  1. Register on the Costumer's Guild West Website or Log In and go to this Scholarship Application Form (this form is currently closed for 2023, and will reopen in 2024).
  2. Answer a few classification questions.
  3. Write and submit (as an attachment to your application form) a one-page essay telling the judges about yourself. Include information on why you want to go to Costume College, what your costuming passion is, or anything else that you want them to know. If you want to add descriptions of the photos you submit in step 4, you can add an additional page. Your final essay should be no more than two pages, including photo descriptions.
  4. Submit 3-5 photos (as attachment(s) to your application form) that show a range of costumes, accessories, sketches, etc. that you have created. 
  5. Ask a mentor, teacher, sewing buddy, relative, or friend to write a letter of recommendation for you. This should be someone who has seen a little of your costume passion or journey, so they can tell us a little about you.  (Highly recommended.)
  6. Breathe! We award scholarships at all skill levels. If you don't win an award this time, please enter again in the future.

Special Scholarships

CGW has two special scholarships. If you are eligible, please consider applying! When you fill out the application for the scholarship form, there are checkboxes to select if you are eligible.

BIPOC Scholarship If you are black, indigenous, or a person of color, please consider selecting the indicator for this on your scholarship application. We have a scholarship set aside!

Youth Scholarship
If you will be between the ages of 18 and 25 when it is time to use your scholarship, please consider selecting the indicator for this on your scholarship application. We have a scholarship set aside! (Note that you will need to be between 18 and 25 during Costume College the year after you apply.)