Thank you to the 2022-2023 CGW Board of Directors!

Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. would like to thank the outgoing Board of Directors for all their many hours of service over the course of the past year. All of you spent many hours supporting the organization. We would especially like to thank these departing Board Members:

  • Rebecca Lowell - Despite a number of health and family challenges, you rallied to produce gorgeous, full-color issues of a stunning quarterly magazine for CGW. You were also an important voice on the Board and in meetings, and we are grateful for all of your work in this most recent year and for the many years prior to that. A sincere thank you to you.
  • Tracey Gorin - Thank you for heading up the Scholarships committee. Your frequent posts to Facebook and Discord as Director at Large kept the membership engaged during the year. As a former President, your knowledge of Board procedures was appreciated by the newer members. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.
  • Rebecca Gose - Even though you were far away and sometimes had trouble with your connection, you were always there in spirit and intent. Your kindness and compassion was warmly felt by all, and we knew that Costume College and CGW were a priority for you even when things were difficult. Thank you for all your hard work on the Board!
  • Paige Mattern - You stepped up when the Guild needed leadership for Costume College and you were an amazing Dean of Costume College 2023. Your hard work of being both the Dean and a voice for the Guild as Director at Large is greatly appreciated. Your generous spirit will be missed on the Board. Thank you for your service!