Meet the 2023-2024 CGW President

Kristen Foggie

A picture of Kristen Foggie smiling at the camera.Hey all,

I know things have been a little hectic over the past months (years). I'm not sure if you saw CGW's official announcements regarding new and reelected board members. There have been notifications to CGW membership, but I wanted to make sure everyone knew who is heading the helm.

Some of y'all know me as Black Orchid Atelier and some as Kristen Darville-Foggie. For my first trip ever to Costume College in 2012, I had come by myself and was extremely nervous and unsure of what to expect. I volunteered and ‘so it began’… my Costume College and CGW love affair. I've volunteered for the Costume College Committee first as an assistant the Hotel Liaison (2015) then Volunteer Coordinator (2016 & 2017), Friday Night Social Mistress (2018), and Gala Mistress (2022). I joined the CGW Board as Director at Large in 2021.

I had been asked several times in the past to be Dean of Costume College, Vice President, and President of CGW but had always declined because I didn’t think a non-Californian would have much to offer to a LA-based costuming guild.

Last year as a Director at Large I listened to feedback, whispers in the halls, and conversations at Costume College, and attempted to help bring CGW to more than just the West Coast costuming community.

So in the fall of 2022, I ran for President of CGW and was voted in. Was it unanimous? Nope. Is that okay? Yup. Why did I do it? Because I saw a need and wanted to bring more people to this great costuming community that I had found. Costume College is unlike any other con I’ve been to! I’ve learned so much from our classes and I feel like that’s why people keep coming to Costume College.

Psst, there are cliques at any event or con you go to, but Costume College combined my favorite things with hands-on learning and ample opportunity to ogle over each other's amazing makes.

My first official event representing CGW was a great event; Costume-Con 39 in San Jose, it was so much fun! In part because it was my first chance to really introduce myself to current, former, and nonmembers of CGW as the President of CGW. But most importantly I was able to hear in person concerns and I was able voice some projects the Board has been working on for several months.

We are listening.

We are making changes.

We are doing the hard work.