Ribbon Work and Trimmings Series with Mela Hoyt-Heydon


With the colors of Spring and Summer at our fingertips, join us as we transform ribbon and fabric into pansies, fuchsias, daffodils and more. This hands-on workshop via Zoom we show you how to create these flowers along with buds, centers, and leaves, all suitable for historic clothing accents or hat decorations.

Materials List - Tools: 

  • Scissors (all purpose, or one for ribbon and fabrics, one for wire-edged ribbon)
  • Ball head pins
  • Milliners or straw needles
  • Heavy thread (buttonhole, button/craft, or quilting thread in a neutral color-khaki or grey)
  • Regular thread, one light neutral, one dark
  • 3” aluminum hair clips (not barrettes, try a beauty supply store, sometimes called large alligator clips)
  • Tape measure or small ruler or both
  • Chalk marker or chalk pencil or fabric marker
  • Notebook and pencil or pen
  • 3 small squares of crinoline approx. 3”’ by 3” – check Joann’s Fabrics

Materials List - Supplies:

  • 2 yards 5/8” wire-edged ribbon floral color (yellow, pink, orange, etc.)
  • 1-yard 5/8” wire-edge ribbon, green
  • 1-yard 1-inch-wide wire-edged ribbon for pansy (consider variegated)
  • 3 yards 1-inch-wide ribbon for daffodil and various petals (can be wire-edged)
  • ½ yard 1-1/2” wide ribbon for fuchsia (can be wired-edged)
  • 1 yard of luscious fabric (solid or washed color, but no prints This can be charmeuse, China silk, stone washed silk, rayon, metallic, organdy or organza) Cu this into four 2”, four 4”, four 6” and four 8” squares, all cut on the straight of grain)
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