About Us

Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. (CGW) is a 501(c)(3), non-profit, volunteer-operated, educational organization dedicated to the art of costuming. We welcome all levels and styles of costumers, whether professional or hobbyist; novice, or master. We are here to encourage, nurture, and educate those who are creating and researching costuming arts including but not exclusive to historical dress, cosplay, and entertainment costuming, encompassed in a safe and supportive environment.

Located in sunny Southern California, our vision is to fill an educational void and encourage hands-on learning in all aspects of the art of costuming. We host lectures and workshops throughout the year; along with tours of costume exhibits and various costumed social events. In addition, we help encourage learning about the costuming arts by working with local museums to sponsor fashion shows and exhibits.

We are the host organization for Costume College®, an annual three-day costuming arts conference. Costume College is a welcoming and non-competitive environment where attendees share and disseminate information/skills. We maintain a Costume College Scholarship program to assist beginning costumers or those in financial need or those who have served CGW. Costume College scholarships may also be awarded during masquerades at local conventions and the costume contest at the Los Angeles County Fair.

CGW is governed by our Board of Directors. The 9-member Board of Directors is comprised of volunteers from our membership who are elected annually at our Annual Membership Meeting. Our Board of Directors meets bi-monthly to oversee the planning of events and the general operations of the organization.

All of our events are planned and organized by volunteers, the smaller of which generally require only couple of volunteers to put together. However, our annual conference, Costume College is planned and organized by a dedicated committee of 30+ volunteers, headed by the Dean and Assistant Dean. If you are interested in volunteering, we will be happy to hear from you.

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