CGW is a club for amateurs and professionals who like to make historical, science fiction, or fantasy costumes.

Sister Groups

Sister Groups are clubs with like-minded interests to Costumer’s Guild West, Inc. Sister Group members are entitled to receive member discounts to CGW events, including Costume College.

CGW Sister Guilds:

Greater Bay Area Costumers Guild – San Francisco & San Jose area, California

Benefits of being a Sister Guild

  • Members of Sister Guilds are eligible for the same discounts offered to CGW members for its events and activities, and CGW members are eligible for the same discounts offered to the Sister Guild’s members for their events and activities .
  • CGW and Sister Guilds exchange newsletters (if any), so both groups can keep their members informed of what’s going on with the other group

Requirements of CGW Sister Guilds*

  • must be organized a minimum of one year prior to seeking Sister Guild status;
  • must be a registered 501© organization;
  • members must pay dues commensurate to those of CGW; and
  • must maintain a membership roster and provide a copy to CGW before open registration for Costume College.

*The complete rules for sisters guild status are located in Standing Rule 9.